Are things finally settling down?

This has to be one of the most exciting Premier League seasons since the league’s inception back in 1992.

So far, with almost two-thirds of the season’s games already in the bag, it’s been more or less impossible to predict the three things we all want to know, namely; who’ll win the Premier League, who’ll make the top four places for the Champions League and, of course, who’ll be relegated?

But it seems that these questions are finally looking like they may be beginning to be answered with a reasonable degree of accuracy; at least educated guesswork that hasn’t really been possible hitherto.

So, as far as the winner is concerned, the Gunners have taken a real wobble, lost their position at the top and probably won’t regain it in the face of such stiff competition from the blue half of Manchester and Mourinho’s “little horse”, Chelsea. And if you were betting your life on the winner – it would surely be on one of these two. Had Man City bagged three points against Chelsea at The Etihad, then you’d have said it had to be City – but Chelsea showed that the Mourinho factor can swing what has to be the toughest single game of the season – so anything’s possible.

The other two places will surely be filled by Liverpool and Arsenal. Everton Spurs are out-performing whilst Man United’s season looks like being a bit of a write-off. But Liverpool look like they can beat anyone on their day and don’t have the Champions League distractions of Man United and the three clubs currently sitting above them.

As for who’ll be relegated – this is a much tougher call. A couple of wins can send a team from near the  foot of the table to the top half as things stand – and as Big Sam’s West Ham have shown. Fulham are showing some signs of a resurgence given their signings in the transfer window, whilst Cardiff, Sunderland, West Brom and Norwich are all in the shake down.

Of these, Cardiff look most likely to go down – unless Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a bit of a miracle worker. This looks the shakiest of all the set-ups currently, whilst a resurgence at Fulham may come too late. Perhaps the third club will be Norwich.

The problem is that these three are the favourites for the drop. So if you’re looking for a little value, you’d have to look at Hull at 7-1 or perhaps a collapse at Swansea – currently a best-priced 12-1to go down with 32 Red.

Whatever happens – it will be a thrilling finish season to a season which has already provided more excitement than any of its predecessors. And if your club isn’t in the relegation battle, having a punt on who’ll be in next year’s Championship can be a bit of fun. With some bookies like 32 Red, you can get a bigger free bet by playing in the casino then transferring the bonus cash to the sports book once you’ve played the requisite number of games.

If you play online casino games here, for example, you should qualify for a free £32 for each £10 you deposit up to a maximum of a free £300. You should also simply get a “no questions asked” free tenner if you haven’t registered to play before. So if you play your cards right and you think you know how this great season will pan out – you could have a free bet based on your judgement if you get lucky; it’s certainly worth a try – what’s to lose?

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