Conte is eager to recover the confidence that Chelsea has lost

Going from winning the Premier League to finishing at the 10th spot in the following season is not an easy thing to take in and this is exactly what happened with Chelsea as they won the English League during the season of 2014-15 and in the next season, they had to settle with a place on the middle section of the top tier league.

Even with this huge downfall that Chelsea has recently suffered, Antonio Conte is determined to bring back the Chelsea of a few years ago, the Chelsea that managed to win big European titles.

Juventus hadn’t won the title for many, many years and at the start it did not appear easy. Confidence was low and the players didn’t trust themselves.It’s important to work in that situation and I remember we worked very hard.We can see a bit of the same situation now, no?

“After a bad season, 10th place was no good for the players, confidence was low and the fans weren’t happy with this situation but I know only one word that we must follow and that is to work, and to work very hard. If we stay together, in bad and in good situations, very, very soon we will try to go back to playing for the title.” Chelsea‚Äôs Antonio Conte said.

Restoring the confidence of Chelsea is what Antonio Conte wants to do during his debut season as the manager of the Premier League and this might be harder to accomplish than initially expected. This is mainly due to the fact that the manager of every other top club in the Premier League have been reinforcing their squads which will make winning games much more difficult and each loss is a huge blow which can demoralize not only Chelsea but the squad of any club.

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