FIFA in full support of World CUP 2018 in Russia

Amidst huge protests against organizing 2018 World Cup in Russia that has led many to doubt about the venue, FIFA has declared full support for organizing 2018 World Cup in Putin’s territory.

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter has clearly opposed all boycotts of World Cup 2018 in Russia & has whole heartedly backed all preps undertaken by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration for the esteemed mega event.

“A boycott cannot ever come up with positive effect”, Blatter said while addressing media event. “We do trust the nation & its government.”

“FIFA extends unconditional support for staging the next World Cup season in Russia only”, the FIFA President added in.

According to diplomatic sources, some European nations had the plan of boycotting of 2018 World Cup in Russia given the conflicted scenario posed by eastern Ukraine.

Some of the politicians in Germany, Berlin & US have urged FIFA to come up with the withdrawal of the celebrated event from Russia.

“As we receive the letters from Northern America urging us to withdraw the 2018 World Cup from Russia, we say that it is football”, noted Blatter.

“Being the biggest country of the world, Russia is always under the scan of international media. Soccer can not just unite the nation but also show the entire world that its way stronger in comparison to any sort of protest movement.”

Blatter compared the current scenario to Russia’s hosting for Sochi Winter Olympicsm when the Western dignitaries stayed away.

“There was this same scenario ahead of the Sochi Olympics yet neither on course of the event nor after, there has been any single verse against the Games.”

The FIFA boss had remarked that he is quite pleased with Russia’s steady preparations on the 2018 World Cup.

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