Wijnaldum Hopes He Still has Some Chance in the Premier League for His Side

The player aged 28 said he would have an approach ‘game by game’ and they are looking forward to claiming double. Although he admitted it is quite convenient to say than do in actual.

Georgino, Liverpool star has a big chance this season, aims to claim not only Premier league but also Champions league. Jurgen men are still aiming for top prize o Europe. They are welcoming Bayern to Anfield scheduled on Tuesday for an initial leg of the last 16 Champions League tie.

On the tabletop, Liverpool played a game less than their opponents in Machester; Liverpool is ahead playing throughout the 26 games. When asked which of the given, which of two will be most tough to win, it was told by Wijnaldum that it should actually be the Premier league which is harder given the high quality of the teams and the consistency that they have to maintain throughout.

The coach, on the other hand, has preached that the team must only consider one game at a time; it is a little difficult to do that as a player because everyone is watching the same and the pressure is on them intensely.

In the first leg, against it will be interesting to see how the team fares out in the rest of the league. Wijnaldum against Bayern was questioned that who he wishes to be on his side in Bundesliga champions. He further said that he has love and admiration for Bayern on a big stage, but wants to him lose this season. He waits to say sorry and best wishes for rest of the season, after the blowing of the final whistle. Two of the best teams would compete. It would be interesting to see these world-class teams against each other. Let’s not make any predictions.

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