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  • If you meant that for the man united fan you replied to the wrong person and if you meant that for me your obviously a butt hurt chelski/united fan who is offended by the truth because I never even mentioned what club I support you idiot.

  • Actually chelsea is a shit club with no history made by money and run by the people who are ruining the game . Uniteds owners are the same but the club and it’s history is great . I agree lets end it now .

  • let’s end it here: both chelsea and man united are great clubs and we should just leave it alone, it’s done.

  • he got hit moron, i actually saw the match, they showed from a different angle, he got clipped

  • You insulted everyone who disagreed with your version of events in the comments when this video went up , That’s the only reason i replied so don’t try to take the high horse . Lets look at this year then will we ? united are still 2nd , have been leaking goals everywhere and are already knocked out of the league cup .

  • last year last year last year. don’t care if you’re not a chelsea fan, stop disrespecting my club, i’m not disrespecting yours

  • Yous didn’t make it out of the groups in the champions league last year , chelsea won it ….. and yous were knocked out of the europa too . I’m not a chelsea fan so i couldn’t give a flying fuck about them , all i know is that United struggle to win games without help from refs . It’s not a coincidence that even sky sports call extra time in united games ” Fergy time”

  • And also remember a few years ago Chelsea beat man u 1-0 that free kick was never a freekick.

  • Far from 6-1 and Chelsea played their 1st team united done well with our 2nd. But well played by Chelsea

  • Chelsea never cheat i guess umm Drogba biggest diver on the planet< Young dives and tbh I fucking hate him for it. Football is shit the only teams i enjoy watching are Swansea and lower teams because they try to win