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  • united just wasn’t the right team for him. cannot believe a player like him wasted his prime there. Shame.

  • hasoun i totally agree with you but even better they just should have sold/traded danny welbeck and still keep Berbatov..But Fulham gots him now..Good Luck D.Berbatov in Fulham..

  • He was very unlucky, undeserved to be sitting on the bench after becoming top scorer of the league. Chicha is a good player but I still think Berbatov should’ve started in the CL final against barcelona. Thanks for everything berba, you’re a legend

  • Leave last seasons top goal scorer on the bench, loses title on GD because less goals have been scored…. Don’t want Berba to go, so under-rated under Fergie

  • Berbatov is a true United legend. Without him we would never have won the League 2010/11! He was a true credit to the team and I wish he wasn’t going; although a player of his class should deserve to play every 90 minutes of every game. I hope him the best in the future!

  • To think of all of the idiots who said he only scores against crap teams.We lost to Blackburn and Wigan this season ffs. And his goals would’ve made the difference on goal difference.

  • He doesn’t play anymore because he doesnt suit our type of play. I think he should go because he doesn’t deserve to sit on the bench

  • Okay, I am a Liverpool fan.. And i cant understand why he gets left out of the team so often.. He is SO underrated and I am the only one of my friends to actually like him… Fucking quality player…

  • “Old Trafford is about to rise to one of THE Great performances of the Premier League Era!!! Dimitar Berbatov today, has made it at Old Trafford!!!…. A TRUE United Player”

  • Was at the Match against Liverpool and Berba’s performance was just imense i don care about the res of his career at United, that macth alone made him a Legend in my eyes. Top lad and hope he stays!

  • My dream was to see my football idol, Dimitar Berbatov on my birthday in the CL final. Then I see Owen, what the fuck man.

  • This player truly stepped up to the plate and led United when Rooney went through that scandal and stage of horrible form. When he stated he wanted to leave United Berbatov was playing his heart out. Then Rooney gets one great goal and Berbatov is forgotten by the fans. For me Berbatov should be in the squad, not Rooney, I know Rooney is amazing but Berbatov was there for us when we needed him. He deserves more credit. 20 goals in half a season doesn’t lie.

  • im a man c fan i hate man u but dimitar berbatov didnt start for man u and he lead the epl in goals simply amazing