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  • I agree with realmadridzidane5 but i just wish that he would become the best by going to europe and stay there not just go to Everton on loan. anyway he is the best either way

  • The thing is: yeah, Donovan is one hell of a playa, so why didn’t he replicate the success he had with his country in Europe? That’s the thing I never could figure out, I think sayin he is the best US player of all-time might be wrong … yeah he has the stats to back it up, but what bout Friedel? the guy is 40 somethin years old and plays in the Premier League since the 90s. and Dempsey? He was the best Fulham playa last season by a mile. McBride was also a very good player …

  • landon is the best CHOKER the US has ever produced, that guy is mediocre at best. in order to be the best, you need to beat the the best.

  • Ha, good stuff Conrad!!!! Shoulda asked why Donovan is still bein a lil bitch about not playing full time in Europe and how Klinsman is PISSED about that….

  • Thanks! I remember that only a few years ago almost all the USMNT players were college grads or students. It is still a pretty big percentage though, ins’t it? Especially when compared to other countries

  • I hang out with you jimmy everyday when am i gonna get that kick tv mug or a signed jersey huh make moves I know where you live!!!

  • agudelo, mix deskerud, michael bradley, brek shea, jozy altidore, a few other too i just cant think of them

  • I don’t care what anybody else says, Donovan is still the best player the US has ever produced! He has the most goals (46) most assists (47) and most World Cup goals (4) in US history! Don’t get me wrong, I definately love Dempsey too-he is the most succesful American in Europe and #2 best US player of all time.

  • U see donovan could be as successful as dempsey if not more successful but he doesn’t want to leave the MLS