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  • of course the footage isn’t mine, i only get angry when i see videos that have the same exact material as mine (transitions, selection of scenes, etc.) if another user downloaded their footage, cut it up, and edited it themselves then by all means i have no right to complain. you’ll notice i only complain when i know someone’s been stealing my work and i find it easy to tell.

  • I agree.. started making utube vids too. do u really have rights for ur footage? I can tell u that I dont..

  • great vid lad
    would love to see david silva, yaya toure or aguero one but nevermind

    check out my vid of city vs united 🙂

  • nevermind, fuck what i said. i was being an arsehole. you’re great at making these vids, keep em coming

  • yeah my bad sorry if i upset you or anyone else, usually i don’t even comment i was just feeling like an arse yesterday and the rather prima donna attitude got me aggro

  • i did pay for my footage. and even if i didnt, it doesnt change the fact people are stealing all the effort i put in into making them. don’t be a smartass, i wouldn’t make such a big fuss about it if i didn’t have a reason.

  • Hang on, when you say dont steal this material its yours..Did you buy it off skysports or something? If you didn’t then doesn’t that mean you’ve stolen it?
    Also, how would you know its YOUR work?

    Great vid btw. =]

  • Get da’ fuck ye’ feg, whats wrong with him being annoyed that wee kids are knickin’ his videos ? (which he has put hours & hours of work, into making). Whilst they’ve hit the DL button, and re-upped them, gaining praise/subscribers etc,etc for doing absolutely nothing.

    Seems a pretty normal reaction to me.

  • full of myself? i’m sorry but i don’t think you seem capable of grasping the concept of hard work. it takes me time and effort to make all of these by myself unlike everyone else who simply have dinner served to them on a silver platter. so to answer your question, i care if someone steals work that i truly put a lot of effort into and if you can’t appreciate that then don’t bother watching. i will refer you to the real ‘generic’ youtube work on the side since you clearly need assistance ——>

  • great vid mate but you seem to be full of yourself nobody cares if someone else rips your generic highlights youtube work..
    still good vid

  • Subscribed in first 10 seconds when I heard Arcade Fire then remembered you from Euros. Happy to have rediscovered your channel!

  • As he is only for Chelsea. He is not for United, Real and Barca. He is destinied to belong to Chelsea

  • finally mata and hazard much needed creativity wish they could have been in ancelottis second season but it s then again di matteo knows how to balance a squad