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  • Hazards’ full ability of being a playmaker will never be truly shown as long as Torres is our striker, but imagine him with Drogba or even Falcao!

  • i respect you for being kind and wise. i would never make such a fuss of being original if i truly didn’t believe so.

  • once again, I never said that he made it. and hey, I really believe that he took the clips from you, but there is really is no point in putting that comment if you know you can’t do anything about it… no one in the world will know 100% if he took them except him-self… even if you’ve watched my video… I also used a couple of clips from other YouTuber’s, I can admit, but I added effects, and changed the slow/fast motion, and no one can tell me anything, because no one will know for sure.

  • did i say i did? in a world where everything is accessible through a touch of a clicky button cyber theft can never be met with the right punishment and believe me i’ve had my fair share of people rob me of many clips. sure, he could’ve done all those edits himself, but if he did why didn’t he stand up and defend himself to my comment or my private message? you may speculate all you want, i guess people are convinced this editor made every single edit the same as mine.

  • hey I’m not saying it doesn’t… but how would you know that these are your clips? anyone can add a fade, cut the edges, record from TV, etc…. you have zero proof 🙂

  • it’s funny because i’ve downloaded all my matches, paid for them in fact. you come strolling in making baffling claims. believe it or not my stupid friend, the internet does offer many ways to download full matches.

  • more like you stole the clips from EdenHazard10i? Look at my Hazard video, he’s the one the clips are from, not you. and HE is the one who uploaded them first.

  • What are you on about he doesn’t dive the first 2 penalties that Chelsea got were because hazard dived and got them