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  • They might not like city but compared to united they would rather have city win the league than scum.

    Oh yea, try think of your own insults instead of copying me.

  • why sell Johnson? :/ 10 million is a good price but ffs hes better than sinclair hes bringing in.

  • And now it’s clear why you hate Dzeko so much cuz you’re a Jew and he is a Muslim! There we go mystery solved! OOOoooOOOooOoo Edin DzekoooOOOooOOOO

  • Well Jews own USA and every major corporation so therefore they are modern Slave owners/ War starters for profit so you are really close to them if not worse.

  • That’s funny mate, because I could have sworn I was a Jewish American-Pole. Could have sworn that Jews couldn’t be nazis. What do I know?

  • yeah, im from bosnia and i like dzeko, but these DZEKO people are boring and idiotic.
    who cares

  • What is your nationality? The western European maybe? The tyrants of the world, the ones that live of peoples misery’s and wars? The ones that make people fight because they are different religions and colors only to take their country’s resources and plant the capitalist corporations and run the world into the ground. Yea you must be proud of that, and than you call me hypocrite and nationalist? For gods sake who invented slavery? Bosnia? Hahaha don’t think so buddy it was your nazi ancestors!

  • he cant dribble, cant shoot?, and cant run? your obviously basing your stats on fifa, which automatically make your comment invalid

  • Roberto as much as i value you as a great manager, liverpool will not be challenging for the title this year, im not saying they are really bad and are going to finish badly because i dont think that there game against west brom truly reflected the way the play and operate under rodgers considering key defensive players were missing and one sent off, nor did the game against hearts. it was not there starting XI showing they are preparing for us, they will miss agger and will pose a threat for us

  • Dzeko can’t dribble, can’t shoot, can’t run. The only thing he is good at is his aerial prowess, and that’s rare. Do you know how many chances he missed in the last 2 weeks, you obviously don’t watch City matches, just read the scores.

  • A Bosnian talking about nationalism. You’re the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. I also appreciate how you say I don’t know shit about “soccer”. I guarantee I know far, far more than you about football, and I don’t let my nationality get in the way of my judgement.