24 thoughts on “EPL Highlights 2011-2012”

  1. Whoever made this video is really good at telling stories, BY FAR THE GREATEST HIGHLIGHT VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN you bring hope and pure joy to myself and everyone who i have shown this video to THANK YOU

  2. I have to ask yo all watching this & other videos on YT. I can’t stream any video while it is paused for the last 2 months or so. So i started running the entire video while muted. Even then it seems after a certain point the video stops buffering & it is for some not all. Any solutions?

  3. Great video! And good to see that you included the Suarez snub incident.. it shouldn’t be forgotten but then you really couldn’t expect anything better from someone like Suarez being as though that he plays for the Red Shite.. it’s no wonder there is only one true team in Liverpool and that is the blue side 😛

  4. Great Video, I love how u r not overly biased for a team like most you tubers who make vids. Instead u make the video exactly on what the title is.
    Good Job

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