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  • I remind you of Piers Morgan because I said that Robin Van Persie had scored more after 3 games than Arsenal had? You really are a sad old fart, aren’t you!

    For the sake of continuity, you strike me as somebody who chums off to old vinegar face while licking pickled onion Monster Munch from your fingers.

  • This video is pathetic lol. I forgot him already. Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Talk for yourself… I my opinion no real gooner should respect him. Van Judas is a traitor and a scum. No captain of Arsenal Football Club should even as much as concider a move to United. He’s a disgrace.

  • no, it’s because of your “after 2 games, robin van persie 4 – Arsenal 2 comment, even though an AFC fan posted a prefectly reasonable comment

  • Aston Villa and Huddersfield dominated before Arsenal.

    No, I don’t think that. I was saying what Juventus fans possibly think. Can you even read?

    How am I a “trolling cunt”? Because your opinions and posts have been repeatedly shot down with complete and utter ease? Do one.

  • we were the first team to properly dominate english football, anyway, we have the 3rd most amount of honours, have played more european matches/finals than everyone bar liverpool (and maybe man utd), and have been pioneers in alot of ways for english football

    lol, you sound like you think you’re doing a favour to juve, and that’s why you sing about it, my arse

    anyway, this all started because you’re being a trolling cunt, if you wanna talk to me, comment on my page

  • Manchester United’s history goes back to 1878. Manchester United won 2 league championships before Arsenal won their first. Manchester United won an FA Cup before Arsenal ever did. Manchester United have won 3 European Cups dating back 44 years. Arsenal have only ever gotten to one final, 6 years ago. Yeah, your history goes so much further than United’s.

    I’m sure Juventus fans are grateful that we are reminding Liverpool of what they did on that day in Belgium.

  • oh, and i’m sure juve fans love the fact that you sing about that

    and our history goes back further than yours lad, dosen’t start with a tragic plane crash.

  • Basing it off history, 3rd is the best you can hope for.

    In spite of what the club said, the fans weren’t singing about Hillsborough. How should reminding Liverpool fans of their part in the worst tragedy in Champions League final history “disgraceful”?

    You’d never see that from Arsenal fans? Nah, just hissing at Tottenham fans, no biggie.

    I didn’t imply, insinuate, suggest, or even assume you were on Jobseekers.

  • Fuck Persie,I loved him,i though that he wasn’t a Judas,and he was my idol,i really i loved him so much,because he was our Captain Vantastic,our Persie,but we lost he,and he lost us,because we are the Arsenal,and Nobody is bigger than the Arsenal. “In Arsene we trust”.

  • yeah, and then we’ll be in a great position, but years of coming agonisingly close but winning nowt yet we sell out home and away, we have high standards and compared to history we’ve failed, for now

    yeah you did, your club apologised for it, and singing about heysel would be disgraceful anyway, you’d never see that from us, we even sung ynwa and jft96

    and you implied i was on a jobseeker’s allowance knobhead

  • Ipswich 9.

    Are we playing “most goals conceded against Manchester United in the Premiership era”?

  • Aww bless. You’re watching a team that has been in Europe for the past 15 years, regularly gets to the latter stages of competitions, and always gets in the Top 4. You’re doing this on a limited budget so that when the stadium is paid off, you will be in a great position to capitalise.

    Nobody sang about Hillsbrough. Heysel, yes, Hillsbrough, no.

    Stuck up prick? I have no earthly idea what I have said that could even remotely be construed as me being stuck up.

  • as in winning nothing and struggling to compete with the top teams in the league, man utd won’t be winning things forever either

    and that shows what history we have and the expectation levels

    were you one of the ones singing about hillsborough then?

    oh, and do one you stuck up prick, it’s not my fault we have the most expensive tickets in europe and our board are wankers, you’d think we had messi , ronaldo and rooney in our starting 11 with those prices