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  • The battery is at 68%, I connected the phone to the adapter with the hdmi
    and power cable and still no nothing. ­čÖü
    Do you think you can help me man?´╗┐

  • Thank, Nice vid├ęo.
    But what about the sound ?
    And is the HDMI cable in the box of the samsung adaptateur ?

  • Hi .. i’ve bought a galaxy s3 hdmi cabel but I do not how it work !! It is
    not an adapter .. can u learn me how its work .´╗┐

  • i need help with this. i plugged it in and everything and restarted phone
    but doesnt seem to want to show up i got samsung s4 please help´╗┐

  • I have everything that I see in this video but It doesnt seem to work is it
    because of the hdmi cable?´╗┐

  • Mine worked with a cheaper ~2$ adapter from dealextreme. You missed one
    thing: The audio settings should be set to surround sound. ´╗┐

  • should I call Samsung for the adapter or can I get one at a store such as
    Wal Mart? and will that connection allow you to hear audio as well?

  • Hello, I have tried two different versions of the mhl to hdmi adapters they
    are both samsung one is like the black one you use in the video and the
    other is a white 2.0 adapter. I have tried connecting both to different
    t.v’s one older and one brand new. And they both do not work. I have tried
    with and without the power source connected but no luck, I did noticed that
    my S4 does not charge when it is connected to the mhl adapter with the
    power source. Do I need to use a power source adapter like the one you have
    to boost the power? where can I find one like that please? Thank you


  • Thank you for replying. I ordered the one you have. I hope to have it
    Thursday. I don’t know why the dock HDMI is not working? My TV is maybe 5-6
    yrs old. We will see Thursday. Peace…please ­čÖé

  • Hi. I have an identical mhl cable and lg tv but i get no signal. What do
    you sugest me to do. Thanks

  • I tried this on a Toshiba HD TV and I got a black screen and when i clicked
    Screen Mirroring it said ” unable to start because of hardware issue” any
    ideas what i did wrong?

  • I have S4 and MHL to HDMI adapter small square white one…..i can get the
    picture but no sound…only sound through phone…any thoughts?

  • I’ll try it on a different tv when I get home from work…i have the
    original samsung adapter…does the electro cover have anything to do with
    it? I’ll try when I get home but I’m thinking it may be causing the
    problem…could this be?

  • please help me,my hdtv adapter 3PL-3FHU its not working to my samsung
    galaxy s4.only showing hdmi is connected but still no signal on my tv. any

  • Can you try it with a different TV if you have another TV at home? Some TV
    are not fully compatible with the adapter. If you get the same problem with
    another TV, then maybe the adapter has an issue? Have you got the original
    one or the after market one?

  • Yes it could be the cable. Please check on this video´╗┐ for some possible
    solutions: YouTube URL and /watch?v=gQcSLc5GJ6E. Search for this video:
    Samsung Galaxy S3: Reasons Why Your HDTV /MHL /HDMI Adapter Not Working

  • @mrurod56 “…is the MHL and micro usb the same thing?” No. They look very
    similar but MHL is Mobile High-definition Link (think of it as essentially
    micro HDMI) and micro USB is, well, just what it says. For hi-def
    experience you’ll want MHL not micro USB.