2&21 – Luka Modrić – Season Review (Passes/Goals/More) 2011/2012 – EPL Part II [HD]

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  • only difference is that when ozil create a chance in real…ronaldo or higuain od benzema score that…in tottenham modric create a chance..defoe miss it….its not always statistic important…

  • Yep, true many thinks a trio with Xabi-Ozil-Modric should be wonderful to see. I think that mou will try it, so he puts in place the same tactic he used in chelsea 2005-2007. But that will take some time for players to adopt the automatism, but we will see, i think it should work, especially that Modric can even replace Xabi in his role. Really after seeing hims against Spain, he is one of the best recruits real’s recruit this last 10 years. I saw him today, he is a genius we can feel it.

  • La mayoria de madridistas tenemos en mente la idea de un centro del campo formado por Xabi ALonso, Modric y Ozil , seria magnifico. Otra cosa es , que yo no soy entrenador del RM, sino que lo es Mourinho y realmente no creo que el piense igual, pero ojala me sorprenda a mi y a todos los que pensamos asi. Seria el RM mas jugon de los ultimos años.

  • To all who thinks modric isnt a creator blabla, look what he did this euro vs spain the best national team in the world :

    youtube : Luka modric vs spain

    Not only can he play as offensive midfield, but also all the midfield postions : from I saw in his big matches, he can support the spanish pression (almost same as barca), keeps the ball, long passes, short passes, dribbles easily if he wants…Whoever doesnt observe this clearly and think he cant play alongside alonso doesnt know football…

  • You didnt get what i said… and guardiola is not playing with two creators… there is no creator in barca, iniesta and xavi is CAM….. GUARDIOLA HAVE 1 DEFENDER MIDFIELD PLAYING busquet or mascherano….. dude in the world of futbal without a defender midfield is crazy……. barca will never need player like xabi alonso or modric style… because half of their skill is no use… barca dont do long pass or high pass

  • i get what u say. i am a madrid fan, but there is this guy that wasn’t afraid of playing with two creators. He’s name is Guardiola and his two creator are Iniesta and Xavi. Why not Xabi and Modric. i hope Mou is not too scare to do that.

  • and then i imagine the passes from this MAESTRO to Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema, Higuain and Ozil. He is bringing more tricks to a stadium that already makes magic. Hala Football!!!

  • alonso will never play along side another creator… mourinho like it when there is one solid and one creator defender midfield… so modric and alonso will never play together… mourinho is too scared for that… no solid defender in midfield is really scary for coaches

  • like i said he created more chances then both iniesta and xavi combined , meaning he made plenty oppurtunites to where someone could either score or get some one else to make a easy pass to score , but theres not very good finishers on spurs

  • Seriously, if Modric plays vs Barcelona, I’m gonna real scared for Barca. I really hope he plays. I love that guy. I want Barca to win, but I like football even more and I want the good players to succeed and perform. He will be excellent with Madrid. A midfield of Alonso, Ozil and Modric anyone?

  • Perfecto fichaje para hacerse más con la posesión y el control del juego junto a Xabi y Khedira en los grandes partidos.

  • please dont be stupid, modric better than ozil on his position??? u gotta be a joke, modric only have 26 assist in his 4 years season in spurs….. OZIL DID THAT NUMBER IN 1 SEASON.. Di maria can top that in 1 season just like what ozil did last season… if you say modric is an attacking midfield he is a failure…. go check every1 attacking midfield career and his… 26 assist and 17 goal in 4 season is not very successful… HE IS NOT AN ASSISTER PERSON… HE HAS XABI ALONSO STYLE

  • lol , modric is a center attacking mid , he created more chances then xavi and iniesta combined , hes better then both ozil and kaka at theyre position