Borussia Dortmund didnt have good Start of Season

The season of Borussia Dortmund initiated with a 2-0 loss when facing off with Bayer Leverkusen in a match that was played on August 23 and this result was the first sign of the things that were going to come for JurgenKlopp and his men as they appeared to be much weaker than the previous season.

One of the reasons on why Dortmund is much less threatening from the team that they once were, it’s because of Robert Lewandowski who was signed by Bayern Munich and this is just how things seem to be operating in the Bundesliga and many leagues around the world as the most financially stable club has a huge advantage that allows them to simply sign the best players despite in which team they are performing in or the price tag that might come along.

There are a few more superstar players that are currently performing in Borussia Dortmund including: Marco Reus, IlkayGundogan and Mats Hummels but all of those are rumored to be on the edge of leaving the German side. If this does occur it would not arrive as good news for the supporters of the club as they will not be pleased in seeing even more of their best players leaving the team.

However, even if all of these standout players are sold and if the current disastrous season continues rolling on, the CEO of Borussia Dortmund Hans-Joachim Watzke has stated that they would never sack JurgenKlopp.

‘’We will never sack JurgenKlopp. He has a lot of merits at the club. It will never come to a confrontational situation with him.There are zero doubts. We are totally convinced of him. A few weeks ago he was praised into the skies, and the very same people now say that his time is over. I think that’s just embarrassing’’ These were the statements which were released by Borussia Dortmund’s CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke and the Sporting Director Michael Zorc.

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