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  • Best scenario is Konami get in touch and give me loads of money to go round
    the world and record fans singing! Haha : ) Trouble is, not all the
    clips/audio I’m able to get is perfectly recorded – lots of stuff is from
    one fan in one section of a stand (why a lot sound as you mentioned 100,
    rather than 30,000). Only so much editing some reverb, layering multiple
    tracks can do… Some audio I’ve been able to get is of the whole stadium =
    better chants.

  • Sound a bit like only 100 people chanting.On the TV they sound much
    bigger.Maybe a reverb that simulates a grand stand ?

  • They are all clipped too.Some have some distortion.Great stuff though.I
    suppose we can’t get perfect recordings unless we got every club’s home end
    on their own doing a few renditions lol.