Hiddink on Drogba

Former Chelsea manager GuusHiddink has given valuable suggestions to former Chelsea and Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba.

The manager who has managed Chelsea in two different periods said that Didier Drogba is a great player and that he is always looking for input to improve himself.

He said that Drogba is a team player and that he was always looking to help the team and that he had to make changes in his playing style if he wanted to improve.

GuusHiddink said that Drogba was often dropping into midfield in order to win the ball and as a result, he was not putting enough pressure on the opposition defence.

Hiddink said that at that time Chelsea had players such as Obi Mikel, Ballack and Essien and that he did not have to drop back deeper.

The manager stated that he asked Drogba to keep his place and to wait for his teammates to pass the ball to him. He believes that this has improved the striker dramatically and that has helped him score more goals. Continue reading Hiddink on Drogba

Tigers supporters boycott the Cup Game

The KCOM Stadium might remain mostly empty during the next Cup game as the Tigers supporters have planned not to go and watch the encounter against Swansea.

The reason behind the plan is the dismissal of the head coach Mike Phelan who was told to leave last week.

The supporters are of the view that the owners first have to facilitate the coach in his work in every way possible and then only can they ask for an account of the performances from him.

In case of Phelan, he did not have a proper support staff, he did not have a big enough playing group, he did not have a truckload of money either to elongate the squad in just a week or two that was left in the window when he took over. So, what was the expectation from him in such condition?

It was already known that there would be loses in the first half of the season. In fact whichever game Hull has saved this season is a kind of a bonus because they have walked into each and every game being the underdogs. Continue reading Tigers supporters boycott the Cup Game

Arsene Wenger is not the only one to be blamed according to Thierry Henry

Former Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has stated that Arsene Wenger is not the only person to be blamed for the failed title challenge.

Arsenal, who is 13 points behind Leicester City, are currently struggling to keep hold of the fourth place, and they may miss out on a Champions League place next season.

Henry believes that it is not only the manager that has to be blamed but also the players, the staffs and everyone associated with the team. He said that football is a team sport and that you win together, and you lose together.

According to him, there need to be changes in the team next season if they want to compete for the title. It would be difficult for them given that all the teams around them will be investing massively and that Arsenal will have to make investments too. Continue reading Arsene Wenger is not the only one to be blamed according to Thierry Henry

Juan Mata has confirmed that he would like to see goalkeeper David de Gea to stay

Juan Mata has confirmed that he would like to see goalkeeper David de Gea to stay at Manchester United. The Spaniard has been linked with Real Madrid for several months now.

Since he is out of contract next summer, the Spanish club want to take advantage of the situation by signing him on a relatively low transfer fee. After having moved to Old Trafford for around £ 18 million, it is believed that United will be receiving only around £ 13 million for the goalkeeper. Personally, it is believed that the 24 year old wants to return to Madrid – the place where he grew up.

Even the fact that De Gea has come on the back of a stunning campaign with United is unlikely to convince him to stay at Old Trafford for longer. Madrid will offer much more possibilities of immediately winning trophies whereas United are still going through a transitional period after the departure of Ferguson almost 2 years ago. Ifde Gea does choose to leave England, he will be linking up with Rafa Benitez at Madrid for the first time. Mata says that the Spaniard has the ability to get the best out of any player. Continue reading Juan Mata has confirmed that he would like to see goalkeeper David de Gea to stay

Juventus has a lead of over 10 points in the Italian League

Juventus has a lead of over 10 points in the Italian League;it really is no wonder to know why the team of MassimilianoAllegri are the favorites on winning their 4th successive Serie A title but this is not the only thing that the Italian club is aiming for.

Juventus is the only Italian outfit that has managed to enter the quarter-final stages of the UEFA Champions League and their hopes of making it even further were increased after they were pitted against As.Monaco.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Bayern Munich, Porto, Athletic Madrid and As.Monaco are all of the teams that are competing in the quarter-final stages of the Champions League and the French side As.Monaco is widely considered to be the weakest team in the European competition.

Carlos Tevez is the top goal-scorer of Juventus as the Argentine player has scored 16 goals in 26 appearances and the 31 year old player has outlined what he wants his team to concentrate on instead of only winning the Serie A title as he said: “We are in a good shape, we are in excellent form and this is the most important thing. We have to win the title as soon as possible and focus on the Champions League.” Continue reading Juventus has a lead of over 10 points in the Italian League

Borussia Dortmund didnt have good Start of Season

The season of Borussia Dortmund initiated with a 2-0 loss when facing off with Bayer Leverkusen in a match that was played on August 23 and this result was the first sign of the things that were going to come for JurgenKlopp and his men as they appeared to be much weaker than the previous season.

One of the reasons on why Dortmund is much less threatening from the team that they once were, it’s because of Robert Lewandowski who was signed by Bayern Munich and this is just how things seem to be operating in the Bundesliga and many leagues around the world as the most financially stable club has a huge advantage that allows them to simply sign the best players despite in which team they are performing in or the price tag that might come along. Continue reading Borussia Dortmund didnt have good Start of Season

Leiva attracted attention of Napoli

The Brazilian midfielder of Liverpool, Lucas Leiva has revealed that he has attracted the attention of Napoli as well as a few other European clubs but Leiva has not assured that his future remains with Liverpool and the possibility of the Brazilian player leaving Anfield could be a real possibility.

Lucas Leiva is not a consistent player in the team of Brendan Rodgers and if things don’t change in the remaining matches of the year, another club could swoop in and sign him.

“I am not talking to anyone right now because I have a contract. But, since I am not playing, I’ll have to look around because I want to play. Last summer there was also talk of Napoli, but nothing that was satisfying for all the parties. It is true: Benitez has always shown great confidence in me. Over the summer there was interest from Napoli, along with other clubs. Benitez has again asked to sign me. My objective for now is to play consistently. We’ll see in future.” Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva said.

Leiva only wants to play a consistently in a club despite in what league they are participating in and this is good news for Napoli as the Italian club is ready to turn the Brazilian midfielder into an influential and consistent player at Napoli, this is something that seems to be lacking for Lucas Leiva with Liverpool as he has to stay on the sidelines of the team for a large amount of matches.

The coach of Napoli, Rafael Benitez is in search for a player that can perform alongside Gokhan Inler and Jorginho. The Italian club is also rumored to be interested in signing Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini and the captain of Lyon Maxime Gonalons but Lucas Leiva could be an easier option to sign considering his current situation with Liverpool where he does not play a main role.