Juventus has a lead of over 10 points in the Italian League

Juventus has a lead of over 10 points in the Italian League;it really is no wonder to know why the team of MassimilianoAllegri are the favorites on winning their 4th successive Serie A title but this is not the only thing that the Italian club is aiming for.

Juventus is the only Italian outfit that has managed to enter the quarter-final stages of the UEFA Champions League and their hopes of making it even further were increased after they were pitted against As.Monaco.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Bayern Munich, Porto, Athletic Madrid and As.Monaco are all of the teams that are competing in the quarter-final stages of the Champions League and the French side As.Monaco is widely considered to be the weakest team in the European competition.

Carlos Tevez is the top goal-scorer of Juventus as the Argentine player has scored 16 goals in 26 appearances and the 31 year old player has outlined what he wants his team to concentrate on instead of only winning the Serie A title as he said: “We are in a good shape, we are in excellent form and this is the most important thing. We have to win the title as soon as possible and focus on the Champions League.”

Making it into the semi-finals of the Champions League will not only be a huge accomplishment for Juventus but for Italian football in general. While the Premier League is registering more viewers than ever before and its been labeled as one of the most entertaining top leagues in Europe, it’s a total different story for Italy as the stadiums are receiving less fans and the Serie A has been turning into a one horse race with Juventus having won the league for 3 successive years.

Even if the team of MassimilianoAllegri does reach the semi-finals or the finals of the Champions League, it won’t save the current struggle that Italian football but it does help improve the overall image and representation of the nation which to rise in order to be considered as one of the finest leagues in the world as it used to be some time ago.

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