Tigers supporters boycott the Cup Game

The KCOM Stadium might remain mostly empty during the next Cup game as the Tigers supporters have planned not to go and watch the encounter against Swansea.

The reason behind the plan is the dismissal of the head coach Mike Phelan who was told to leave last week.

The supporters are of the view that the owners first have to facilitate the coach in his work in every way possible and then only can they ask for an account of the performances from him.

In case of Phelan, he did not have a proper support staff, he did not have a big enough playing group, he did not have a truckload of money either to elongate the squad in just a week or two that was left in the window when he took over. So, what was the expectation from him in such condition?

It was already known that there would be loses in the first half of the season. In fact whichever game Hull has saved this season is a kind of a bonus because they have walked into each and every game being the underdogs.

They just lack strength in the squad, simple as that and no manager in the world has divine powers to do wonders with a squad like that.

The wise thing would have been to let Phelan oversee the winter window because he had a fair idea of the requirements having been there first as an assistant and then as the head. But, no, it wasn’t to be.

Now, a new coach is going to be brought in and it might take a couple of weeks for that and if that is the case indeed, it means the window would be half way through already when the next coach joins in and for him, it would be tough to conduct the business with no prior plans for the window and thus the supporters are afraid it might turn out to be a not so successful window again.




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