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  • It’s funny really he served united well he old now n he won a lot at united so fuck off haters Cus u don’t know shit

  • With such wonderful skills, and with the title of the best goal scorer, Berbatov could not be in the first team at all??? Ferguson is really a jerk!

  • And they wouldn’t drop so early in CL 🙂 But that’s what the old bastard deserves. I hope they never see trophy again 😉 And GL to Berba in his new team .

  • If berbatov played the same number of games as Welbeck did last season united would have been champs

  • Man Utd and Ferguson don’t deserve to own him! Berbatov is a fantastic player. For me- he is the best player! Not Ronaldo or Messi… I would like to see him playing in one of the best football clubs ever- Bayern Munich!

  • Probably one of the best videos I’ve seen in quite some time! Very well made! I really hope Berba will continue showing the world the true definition of brilliance!

  • I cannot believe he is being wasted a Man united… such talent! but whoever said he’s better than Rooney is just stupid, Berba is much more classy than Rooney, Rooney is an bulldozer, who is quick, strong and powerful with nice feet at times. Berba is just a classy, lazy poacher who doesnt miss when hes given the ball near goal

  • I wish you will shine brighter than ever in another team that you will be used properly!! You are one of my favorite Manutd players ever!!
    No one in Manutd now plays so skillfully and elegantly like you. I’ll miss you!!

  • Great video! Berbatov is class. Was key to helping Utd win the 19th title. Can still be key to helping us take the 20th title. He could be crucial with 5 games left.