23 thoughts on “Liverpool vs. Newcastle (1996)”

  1. The music was for just the first 48 seconds, at least the match commentary was fully intact without music.

  2. Newcastle were 12 points clear in January ’96. 12 points and United clawed their way back. The 95/96 season was without doubt my favourite season growing up as a kid.

  3. i was sweet sixteen when i witnessed the greatest game off all time in my life..end to end from start to end…being a Utd fan, the result was even sweeter, thank liverpool for their professionalism! Lol at “collymore closing in’!!! hahaha!

  4. when this video started and the music started playing i thought it was going to be ‘im blooded’ by lil wayne! ahaha

  5. The final league table at 9:35 is actually from the 96/97 season. The top 5 from 95/96 season ended like this:

    1. Man Utd – 82 pts
    2. Newcastle – 78
    3. Liverpool – 71
    4. Aston Villa – 63
    5. Arsenal – 63

  6. Remember watching this live the night it was shown – possibly the best league game I’ve ever seen. What also sticks in my mind was the dazed disbelief and grown men crying after the game as the Newcastle fans realised their title was slipping away in front of their eyes after such a brilliant season.

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