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  • Harry got the sack because he spent too much dough on some of the most appalling players to ever pull on the C&B. And yeah, he has had moderate success at the 3 clubs he’s been at, but only by spending beyond his means at each of them which has got him the sack and put the clubs into admin. Spuds finished 5th the season before Ramos and when Harry took the reigns he already had an excellent squad. He’s a shocking tactician and I wouldn’t compare his sacking to say Mannygate, or THAT fa cup final

  • He did make a stand, that’s why he was fired, all managers make money out of transfers, it wasn’t a bung as you put it, perhaps you prefer Allardyce getting £1m for scraping us up last season playing rubbish.
    The facts are we’ve gone backwards whilst Harry has had success pretty much everywhere, he”s from Poplar and played for the club from youth to first team, he’s a great manager and has got claret and blue blood, the day he was fired was the worst day in our history.

  • it wasn’t against Harry’s wishes because he pocketed £300,000 from the deal. If he really cared that much he would have refused the bung and made a real stand to keeping his player. GoogleHarry Redknapp and his many faces

  • You said “only Harry Redknapp could ruin that team”, I’m saying Brown sold Rio against Harry’s wishes, he then sacked Harry, got a puppet manager in Roeder, and sold the rest of them, so Harry didn’t ruin the team, Brown did.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Brown was a bastard, but what he made from Rio deal was blown on a new west stand rather then investing in a decent replacement.

  • Rio was only allowed to go after Redknapp pocketed £300,000 from the deal . Redknapp built that team by paying good money for mediocre players and shifting through the crap until he found the odd diamond, (Di Canio, Trevor Sinclair, Psycho etc) usually with no sell-on value, which ended up running the club into debt. The 7 Academy lads were Tony Carr’s doing, Redknapp shouldn’t be allowed to take credit for players that anyone could see were going to be world class.

  • What an idiotic comment, Harry put that team together, Terence Brown then sold Rio, sacked Harry, sold the rest of them, trousered the money, and walked out, we’ve never recovered.

  • what a team that was. Perfect blend of youth and experience that only Harry Redknapp could ruin.

  • I’m not a fan of either team but I can’t believe that this wasn’t even a contender for BBC’s best Premier League matches! 9 goals, dodgy haircuts and Paolo Di Canio pissing and moaning. What more could a football fan want?

  • john terry was in west hams youth team or academy or something like that but he made an appearance for west hams first squad

  • damn, they had lampard, ferdinand, cole, di canio, and harry redknapp as a coach……. who else did they have?

  • Great to see this again. I was a season ticket holder at the time and we had some great talent – still got relegated though. Think of it, Rio, Fat Frank, Joe Cole, a rejuvenated Trevor Sinclair and Paolo – a team like that should be going for the Premiership title not relegation. Stevie Lomas was a much underated, solid player. As for John Moncur – I remember him getting sent off seconds after coming on one match and all of us just knew it would happen.