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  • During 1992, the 22 teams of the then 1st Division said to the Football League that they resigned to take part in the Football League and made a new league, an independent league with the teams having their revenues and broadcast rights. Then was a revolution after 104 years, and the rest, as they say, is history (:

  • they were rebuilding so instead of having a ugly sight of scaffolding and equipment – they decided to put a mural up instead… theres one hilarious moment when tony adams actually went to the mural to celebrate as if they were real fans lol.

  • why the fuck is the pictures of crowd @ 2:26 used in background instead of real crowd at highbury ???

  • @AstonVilla82thebest so top 4 are fixing matches..but somehow United got 12 PL titile? hmm…the other top teams should fire their guy who did match fixing…lol…
    Keep on hating us…your hate will make us stronger. UNITED FOR LIFE!

    btw nobody wanted to be Aston Villa manager, you have to beg Mc Leish for the job…LOOOLLL

  • El año en que el futbol Ingles cambió para siempre, y empezó el camino que hoy pone a la Premier League como la mejor liga del mundo.

  • What’s balls is you calling Man Utd. match fixers. Only Liverpool can claim to have done what United have done for English football. Yet we get a bright spark such as you calling us scum or match fixers. Well anyway hate us away its not going to bother us much don’t worry. Pity that when we do manage to succeed in Europe, all the rest of bloody England want to get some credit for it, after having spent all the year coming with with crap.

  • You would say that, with your team fighting against relegation, practically every year since

  • Too true.

    Makes you cringe when you see Darren Bent going for 24m and clubs celebrating like they’ve won the league when they finish 4th.

  • Highbury’s North Bank End, like Old Trafford’s Stretford End, was at the time in the process of being redeveloped and Arsenal had the bright idea of rather than the fans staring at a building site at one end of the ground, to conceal the building work behind the mural you saw at Highbury matches for the majority of the 92/93 season.

  • yeah that was impressive, and so was QPR, but then again they had good old sir les (ferdinand) firing them in.

  • Why is 11th in the top division ‘absolutely terrible’? There are plenty of big teams in England who would love to finish there now. Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Southampton etc. Fulham finished mid table last year and their manager got the manager of the year.

  • That was the one. I was actually right behind the goal when he did that. Worst miss I’ve ever seen.