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  • i can dream right? it will be eventually. people here are starting to realize that its an amazing sport. from 2006 to 2012, the fan base has grown significantly in only a few short years. so to go as far as to say never, thats a bit harsh and by the tone of how you said it, i can tell you probably´╗┐ hate Americans. so sorry for whatever my country did to you. and before you hastily accuse me of calling it soccer, i call it football too. ­čÖé

  • So true! I love him. He makes the game more exciting. The world’s best´╗┐ commentator! Like the game Sunderland – Manchester City, when Ji scored in the 90’th minute, “Ji, Sessegnon, JII! He’s round the goalkeeper, he’s done it!” Amazing commentator, everybody loves him!

  • hes said best league in the world? how does´╗┐ your reply even make sense. anyway yes it was the best season ive ever watched as i look back, ofcourse on the final day of the season i wouldnt of said this i was was heart broken :/ but city deserved it as they were the best

  • Please Follow @letstalkfutebol on twitter for all the latest news on football around the world. (“futebol” is spelled like that because we could not fit the proper spelling on twitter). We will be making´╗┐ a football talk show on youtube soon so be on the lookout for that.

  • Already´╗┐ a very outstanding video.

    However certainly Gary Speed and Muamba has to be in the video too!

    RIP Gary Speed.

  • 09:13, never forget that moment, and even better that we did it against arrogant Man Utd.´╗┐

  • can i also say that in the opening games of the season man city came from 2-1 to win 3-2, the game felt like a cup final everton beat man united 1-0 chelsea were´╗┐ getting beat off reading 2-1 they won 4-2 liverpool got beat 3-0 off west brom. If you don’t get what i’m saying i mean the premier league is much more exciting than the la liga