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  • Liverpool had signing a great talent from Sporting CP. If Liverpool wants a talented boy for the future, João Carlos is a great signing.Greatings from Portugal!

  • rafas not a defensive coach we were the higest goalscorers under him and second highest twice i think

  • For 3 reasons the perfect options would be Guardiola or Klopp :

    1. They are young managers that have won things (proven)
    2. They like working with young players
    3. They play attacking football unlike Rafa who’s a defensive-minded coach

  • Kenny is the man for us whilst we rebuild our squad, when we’ve got a strong team then I think he’ll say his work is done (one or two more seasons) and let the next man(ager) take over. Ideally Guardiola or perhaps even Rafa? Or Dortmund’s manager, he’s done wonders there!

  • @martyfifa123
    Yea your right in a way but the money we spent will never be replaced and we should and could of spent less on better players.
    Although we have played some brilliant football this season which should have put us in top 4.
    Comolli was good and if anyone is to blame its dalglish, next season will be a better season but with dalglish stays, we wont compete with city, arsenal, chelsea, united

  • I think we should’ve kept Comolli, especially if we are going to buy foreign players this season. But yeah, it’s ok he bought Modric for 10-15m, as of how much he is worth now, but who knows what Henderson is worth in a 2-3 years time? It’s too easy to say all our transfers are blunder, because most of them are, but they are young and could still be great players.

  • @smokinson86
    Well we inquired about him and was quoted 20m, when I say worth I mean value to the club meaning what price they are willing to part with the player

  • OK, so we had a rubbish January! no first team signings even though we had money to spend and it was quite blatant that we needed a cavani but nope. so this means if we don’t sign cavani or higuain in the summer, dalglish has lost it! we are in as bigger predicament as we were when hodgeson left! as much as i hate to admit it, but we are! raul meireles and lucas was the closest CM partnership we’ve has since mascherano and alonso left but for some strange reason we destroyed it. back to square 1

  • Chill guys. KK bought him less then 1 million.. Anyway ,, this kid look great for the future of Liverpool. YNWA ! (:

  • @Liverpoolfcblog
    Wrong, comolli buys for the academy and suggests signings for dalglish, it was dalglishs idea to stick to british players, you can see that through what he done at tottenham:
    Bought lennon for 2m- worth 20m
    Bale for 6m- worth 60+m
    Esso ekotto for 2m- worth 10m
    Berbatov for 8m- sold for 35m
    Modric for 10-15m- worth 30-40m
    He done wonders for them

  • Atleats he’s at the club mate. Still got a heap of great next generation player’s to look forward to watch playing. Maybe we’ll use them sooner than later, who knows. I reckon we will still buy an attacking player with talent. That can play asap!